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Just a note to followers of this blog that I still exist. Even though I haven’t written a lot on this blog lately, I do follow very closely the traffic and comments on the pieces posted here, especially the article  “Have Archaeologists Found Skeletons of Biblical Giants in Greece?,” which has been read tens of thousands of times and is one of the top articles on the web on this topic.

In recent months, I have been doing a lot of writing on environmental topics under another pen name, so I haven’t been able to give a lot of attention to this blog. However, I am moving forward with the Edhai project, a long-term historical fiction series set in ancient times.

I do intend to continue actively writing on this blog and promise to do so more in the near future.

ARK — 20 March 2012


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The Bible Student's Quiz Book by A. Roy KingI wanted to let readers know that my Bible Student’s Quiz Book is now available through Amazon.com and other normal retail channels (which means you can pick it up or order it at your neighborhood book store).

Including a variety of Bible questions and puzzles, both challenging and basic, the Bible Student’s Quiz Book is designed as an enjoyable tool for Bible exploration and study. It also includes fascinating maps to test your knowledge of Bible lands and events, and beautiful reproductions of classic Bible-story engravings of Gustave Doré.

If you decide to order a copy, please return to this blog and leave a comment — and don’t forget to leave your rating and review on Amazon.

ARK — 29 May 2010

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